The Mr. October Foundation for Kids (MOFK) is a California non-profit public benefit corporation, founded by Reginald M. Jackson on March 20, 1997 with the mission of improving educational opportunities for underprivileged youth.  Its primary mission is to provide realistic and reachable goals for underserved communities, where children have not shown a predisposition toward academic achievement, even though they are capable of doing so. Only through education can we empower children to lead more productive lives.  Neither poverty nor illiteracy indicates a lack of intellect.  The New Economy thrives with the perspectives brought by our Nation’s motivated youth, and STEM is the future of the New Economy. Early exposure to STEM is where the motivation begins.

Anyone who has seen the programming and dedication of the MOFK knows that Mr. Jackson has been going to bat for the Nation’s youth.  He gains his energy from his spirituality, coupled with the reality of having seen thousands of young people whose lives quickly became aimless and without purpose once they realized that they were not going to be the next great athlete, the one in 10,000 who can make it into professional sports.  Mr. Jackson, now turning the ripe young age of 70, truly believes that his life will be incomplete until he can help more young people realize that their education is what will make the difference – not the distractions and influences of the street.