Summary of STEM Program


The Mr. October Foundation has partnered with STEM 101 since 2014.

We launched our first program in the Bronx in 2015 and have expanded to schools in Detroit, Oakland and St. Louis.

Led by Dr. Al Gomez and an award winning team of educators, the Mr. October Foundation STEM program connects underserved students to colleges and careers through hands-on projects throughout the school year that teach technical skills in the trades, engineering, medical and manufacturing industries. 

Our STEM programming is governed by three components

      • Create and Innovate – our youth will create technology and solutions that will change our lives. Our hope is that school curriculums will provide a space to learn, create and innovate without boundaries
      • Career Pathways – our desire is that students learn employability skills that will help them evolve into hireable and desirable employees
      • Solutions based – our students learn new technologies, tools and their own knowledge to solve problems and generate new ideas

Our STEM students benefit from:

– Preparation for education and employment options beyond high school

– Increased disposition for post secondary training/college/university

– Vision for career pathway upon completion of school

– Increased interest in STEM compared to their peers